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the “circular economy” Marian Chertow

Industrial ecology and the circular economy in China

The Chinese are officially pursuing very high efficiency in resource flows – dubbed the “circular economy” - as a way to improve quality of life within natural and economic constraints. I am investigating the extent to which industrial ecology can provide key intellectual foundations for this new industrialization model at the inter-firm level and the challenges that may be presented by differences in governance, ownership structures, and cultural issues. My research group has examined five Chinese industrial parks, conducted a Delphi survey among Chinese policy leaders about the path the circular economy law is likely to follow, and I have discussed these issues at the only nationally designated circular economy research center at Nankai University where I am a visiting professor.

Get Virtual And Go Green

Get Virtual And Go Green

Posted by Roger Smith, Sep 10, 2008 09:01 PM

During the free "Get Virtual Now" event last Monday, September 8th that attracted over 1000 attendees, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) made several key System Center and virtualization software announcements, highlighted customer success stories, and outlined a new Microsoft "vision statement" that will be supported by $8 billion in annual software research and development spending that will be spread across entertainment software, Vista-enabled desktop computing, and cloud computing. READ MORE! See Links

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