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Texas Aquaponics Training - Friendly Aquaponics READ MORE!

Texas Aquaponics Training - Friendly Aquaponics

Sign Me Up For The Dallas, Texas Training, from September 26th to September 30th, 2017!

(Below) Showing half of a small (1,200 square feet) commercial aquaponics system in a greenhouse.A large (512 sq ft) Family diy aquaponics system in a greenhouse.

The 3-day Aquaponics Technology portion of this training is only $995; you may attend just those three days if you already know all you need to know about greenhouses. If you add the Solar Greenhouse day and the Profitable Aquaponics day to the training, it’s $1,000 additional, for a total of $1,995 for five days of training, which includes unlimited lifetime technical support for both your aquaponics and greenhouse.
Also, you get a 50% discount for each additional person who signs up at the same time (only $447.50 for just the 3-day AP course, or just $997.50 for all five days, for each additional person!)

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