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No Place Like Home | EDUCATION |

No Place Like Home | EDUCATION |

"Luz Shosie, of Guilford, “unschooled” her son Cassidy, now 33. “When he went to Hunter College, his schoolmates asked him for help because they were used to being told what to do all their lives. His life had always been about figuring out what he wanted to do and how to do it,” says Shosie. “He graduated magna cum laude.”

"Finally, in recent years, the increase in state-mandated testing to stay in compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act has turned off many families to public schools. They point to the lack of creativity, the stifling of academic inquiry and all the time wasted just learning how to take the tests. It was the deadening quality of her school that led Emily Falkowski, the Connecticut Young Writers prose champion, to ask her parents to allow her to homeschool after eighth grade. She says, “I didn’t feel challenged in school, and I thought I could do a better job. After I started homeschooling, I realized what I was passionate about and was able to go after that in more in depth.” After her first year as a homeschooler, Emily became a state debate champion."

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