Please pass this along to friends, Thank You! Home Schoolers are Encouraged! I want to personally encourage young women interested in STEM. Call DD Vasseur and let's talk 203-283-1441!
Open To The Public, Designed for adults and kids ages 10 with adult.
Times & Agenda:
6:30pm: The Milford Modeler’s Aeromodeling, Show & Tell! It’s a fun, inexpensive, international favorite, STEM Learning Activity.
Start promptly at 6:30 - Ends 7pm, Meet the Milford Modelers, local Veterans who have been teaching one of the hottest (STEM-Science,Technology, Math and Engineering Sports programs in CT through Milford's Rec. Dept. This technology is hot today and will be hotter tomorrow! China, Korea, India & Europe know. They have clubs with thousands of members. Learn how your schools, churches, organization can partner with seniors and set up aeromodeling clubs. See Werner Sobek: PBS - Design e2, Deeper Shades of Green and Bloomberg’s Innovators
(The Milford Modelers / Senior Captain America’s) As long as I can remember these heroes have been faithfully nurturing a new generation of flying aces at the Milford, Margaret Eagan Center. They represent what makes America Great! They are mostly Veteran’s who continue to serve their country with honor! My friend Robert A. Rahn passed away on July 25, 2010 at age 86. He was a talented model airplanes builder. He shared his enthusiasm teaching model airplane building to children through the Milford Recreation Department. He was one of my heroes! Bring your kids at 6:30 pm and get inspired by these fine Aeromodeling Gurus, I hear some of them are really into RC Helicopters. Green Career Forecast will be given!
7:00pm: Inventor Max Gregorich, will inspire you with his passion for Invention and Innovation
Inventor Max Gregorich, will share his passion for Invention and Innovation with you!  Max is not only an Inventor, he's a Veteran, Lean Consultant, Manufacturer, Tool & Die Maker, Financial Software Developer, Marketing Consultant, Martial Artist, Race Driver, Musician, Playwright, Sailing Enthusiast, Author, Proud Grandparent, and more! 
7:40pm Enjoy Refreshments and an Open Inventors forum until 9pm.
Why Open forums,
Forums extend an opportunity for you to have a voice. Forums increase personal learning and help participants come away with new ideas and insights. At the same time it inspires out of the box thinking and puts more points of view into discussion, which is always good. Forums help build solidarity. By attending these events young people become more connected and outspoken in their communities.

December’s Speaker, Is a Biomimicry Professional Speaker and Architect! He will share with us his passion for Biomimicry                                                                     
Learn how to use AskNature it’s a valuable resource and it’s the world's first digital library of Nature's solutions, organized by function, that can serve as an educational and cross-pollinating tool as well as a collaboration forum among biologists, engineers, designers and other innovators.

Some fun biomimicry Links: (Cell Phone Banking) Creative minds with big ideas!

More from Milford Patch

Why does our Sustainable Inventors Club” have an emphasis on Biomimicry?
“Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. It’s the process of looking at a leaf and trying to figure out how to make a better solar cell.
Biomimicry has been going on for a long time. Think about the Wright brothers looking at turkey vultures to learn about drag and lift in flight.
Now biomimicry is becoming one of the ways that engineers, product designers, and architects do their work. It’s mainly because people are looking for more sustainable ways to do things--to sip energy instead of guzzle it, to save materials, to do things in less toxic ways.
Organisms know how to do these things. After 3.8 billion years, life has learned what works and what’s appropriate on the planet. And that’s what the people trying to redesign our world are looking for--so we can live here in a way that enhances this place.” Source:
Creative Resources:
Want to be more creative: Tools to enhance your Creative Thinking and Decision Making and more!  &
Viewing List!
Design e2  watch Season 1
Join Net Netflix  and watch
Future By Design Trailer:

December’s Guest A Biomimicy Speaker: Randy Anway, Get creative on paper and bring your nature inspired invention/ideas and drawings to (Design along with Andy!)  Bio Mimicry Design Team Collaboration Competition! Speaker Rand Anway – Biomimicrist and Architect
Sign up for our February  (2011 Biomimicry Team Design Challenge. "The challenge is to use biomimicry to design a solution that results in more efficient energy utilization and ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions, ideally in your local environment. This Years Sustainable Inventors Club Design Competition is unofficial. We will hold an Awards Ceremony and invite local officials, citizens and businesses."
As of February 1st 2011, you have 8 weeks, to complete your projects!
An Eco-Fashion Show challenge with a new twist!
I have been reading an article in Ecotextile (2011, issue 44) evaluating CO2 emissions within the clothing sector. Here are some interesting quotes regarding the use phase:
Trivia: Sustainable Fashion Challenge: Can biomimicry reduce the carbon footprint of modern clothing? The report, International Carbon Flows - Clothing, says that the global consumption of clothing results is around 330Mt(million)CO2 of emissions, with emissions from the use phase resulting in an additional 550MtCO2 per year, primarily from washing and drying but including ironing and dry cleaning, - equivalent to around 2% of total global CO2 emissions. (p 66)
A typical t-shirt sold today is expected to be responsible for around 15KgCO2 over its lifetime the report says, with around half or more of these emissions arising during the use phase.     Food for thought.
We are looking into weekly webinar guest interviews to enhance our monthly meetings. 

Warmest Regards,
Dianalynn Vasseur or DD 
 Chairperson, (ECC) Environmental Concerns Coalition
An Environmental Group of The Milford Mayor's Office Tasked with advising on Sustainable Issues. Sustainable Educational Outreach - Spreading Awareness!Announcing 2012 Is The Year Of The Sustainable Student Advisers To The Mayor's Office - Standout!
Learn about the ECC's Environmental Concerns Coalition's STANDOUT Program. It gives mature middle school, high school, college and home school students an opportunity to become ECC Student Sustainability Advisers to the Milford Mayor's Office. Our program uses project based learning see link The students will work with and learn from organizations, companies, elected officials, nonprofits, etc... Committees: 1. Sustainable Transportation: Mass Transit Awareness-Promotion-Education/Petroleum Reduction - Alternative Vehicles and Fuels Traffic Congestion Reduction, Cleaner Air 2. Smart Growth, 3. Energy - Conservation, Clean and Renewable! 4. Affordable Sustainable Housing - Dual Use - Business Incubators For Young Professionals, Cooperative Housing, Etc... 5. Local Food Security/land use! 6. LEAN In My Opinion The Most Important! The kids are tasked with setting up independent study groups, arranging guest presenters, interviews, presenting power point presentations and preparing a persuasive argument to support their Sustainable Thesis!
New Haven, West Haven and Milford are trying to form a Team. We want to include Stratford and Bridgeport CT. Our Wish List: we want to work with Clean Cities Coalition, Ride Works, Ride Share, Milford Transit, CT Transit, Tweed New Haven, Local Rail Service, Sikorsky Memorial Airport - KBDR, Metro North RailroadAmtrak's Acela Express Service
Call DD Vasseur (H) 203-283-1441 Sign up for an interview on Nov 17 and ask questions!
"It's really hard being Dyslexic and being filled with a burning passion for invention, innovation, entrepreneurship and ecology. I can't tell if what I have written is correct and if I have followed all the rules correctly. I try, so please bare with me. I'm a professional volunteer because I never let what I can't do stop me from what I can do."  Up Date DD Vasseur